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Advantages of door to door freight services

Advantages of door to door freight services
25 Mar, 2022
Posted by jeenalogistics
Door to door freight services

Door to door freight services are one of the terms that could be quite confusing and complex in the logistics industry which is itself considered as one of the most complex industries in the world. Before we delve deeper into the advantages of door to door freight services, let’s first understand what door to door freight services mean.

Door to door freight service acts like a one-stop-shop for keeping tabs on cargo transfers. It collects cargo from one location (beyond load point) and delivers to the end destination (beyond discharge point) using different modes of transport. Door to door freight services come with a bundle of advantages.

  1. Coordinated deliveries: Consignees can get their deliveries coordinated according to their designated schedule with the help of door to door freight services. This type of freight service is flexible in terms of giving options to customers to choose their choice of route and airlines.
  2. End-to-end cargo movement: In door to door freight services, it is possible to get the cargoes directly delivered to the customer’s warehouse in the destination country after all the arrival and customs clearance procedures are met, based on the customized requirements.
  3. Single communication desk: With the help of this service, one can stay in touch with just one point of contact, cutting down on multiple communication channels. Ideally, the end-to-end communication is taken care of by the door to door team in every logistics company.
  4. Reduced cost: As door to door freight service has a one-time payment process, there is no additional cost involved. Payments are generally made right at the beginning of the process with no hassles of payments at each stage of the freight service.
  5. Streamlined process experience: Having multiple carrier bills and managing those could be extremely tedious. Door to door freight service eliminates the issues associated with handling multiple carrier bills and offers a streamlined process experience to its customers.
  6. Insurance advantage: While opting for door to door freight service, the logistics service provider offers cargo insurance as a value-added offering to its customers. This acts as an added layer of security for the shipments shipped through door to door.
  7. Reduced time: Besides cost, a lot of time is also saved with door to door freight services. One can overlook all the steps involved in the process and instead avail the experience of best end to end logistics services taken care of by the service provider.
  8. Better reliability: As the process of door to door freight service is very transparent and doesn’t require constant monitoring, customers can easily rely on the service. Furthermore, shipments could be delivered on time due to which the reliability factor of this freight service is way higher than a normal freight service.
  9. No weight or size limit per shipment: With the help of door to door freight services, any size or weight of shipment can be moved. There is no size or weight limitation.
  10. Technology-backed service: Door to door freight service is usually backed by technology and innovation offering complete shipment visibility.

All the convenience comes with partnering with an experienced door to door freight service provider who can assist with tailored logistics solutions that would work best for your business.

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