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Export Customs Clearance Process for Air Shipment

Export Customs Clearance Process for Air Shipment
25 Jan, 2023
Posted by jeenalogistics
Export Customs clearance

Export customs clearance for air shipment is a lengthy process. It consists of several important steps that we are going to discuss further. In order to ensure that each of the steps are executed diligently, it’s recommended that an experienced customs clearance company handles your shipment.


Let us understand the steps in detail:




Registration - For clearance of export goods, prior to filing of shipping bill, the exporters must obtain PAN based Business Identification Number(BIN) from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. Under the EDI System, PAN based BIN can be received by the Customs System online from the DGFT. The exporters should also register authorized foreign exchange dealer code (through which export proceeds are expected to be released) and open a current account in the designated bank for credit of any drawback incentive. Under the export promotion scheme, exporters need to get their licenses/DEEC book etc. registered at the Customs Station. Original documents should be produced for such registration.


Processing of Non-EDI Shipping Bill - This is a manual process wherein, shipping bills or bills of export are required to be filed in a specific format as determined in the Shipping Bill and Bill of Export (Form) regulations, 1991. 


Processing of EDI Shipping Bill - Under this system, declarations in determined format are to be filed through the Service Centers of Customs. The Service Centers generate a  checklist for verification of data by the exporter/CHA. Post verification, the Center operator submits the data to the system. In turn, the system generates a Shipping Bill Number, which is returned to the exporter/CHA after being endorsed on the printed checklist.


Quota Allocation, Octroi Procedure and Other certification for Export Goods - The quota allocation label must be pasted on the export invoice. While making the shipping bill entry, the AEPC allocation number is to be entered in the system. When the export cargo is examined, the quota certification of export invoice is to be submitted to Customs besides other original documents. 


Arrival of Goods at Docks - Based on the checklist and other declarations that are filed by the exporter in the service center, the goods that are brought for the purpose of examination and 'let export' are allowed entry to the dock. 


System Appraisal of Shipping Bills - Primarily, the Shipping Bill is processed by the system based on declarations made by the exporters.


Status of Shipping Bill - The exporter/CHA can check for the status of the Shipping Bill submitted by them with the query counter at the Service Center before the goods are brought for examination and export to the dock.


Customs Examination of Export Cargo - After the arrival of the goods in the dock, the exporter/CHA may present the check list with the airport authority’s endorsement and other declarations along with all original documents such as, AR-4, Invoice and Packing List etc to the Customs officer. 


Variation Between the Declaration & Physical Examination - The appraiser retains the check list and declaration along with all original documents to check for any variation between the declaration and physical examination.


Stuffing/Loading of Goods in Containers - The exporter/CHA is required to hand over the exporter copy of the shipping bill duly signed by the Appraiser permitting "Let Export" to the airline agent who may then approach the Preventive Officer for allowing stuffing/loading of goods in containers.


Amendments - After filing of declaration, any correction/amendments to be made in the check list generated can be done at the service center, provided, the documents have not been submitted in the system and the shipping bill number not generated. In case the documents have already been submitted in the system and shipping bill number generated, assistant commissioner or deputy commissioner would be making the amendments. 


Export of Goods Under Claim for Drawback - After the goods are exported, the drawback claim is processed by the officers of drawback branch through the EDI system and no separate claim form is to be submitted.


Generation of Shipping Bills - After the appraiser gives "let export" order on the system, the Shipping Bill is generated by the system in two copies; one is Customs copy, another is exporter’s copy.


Export General Manifest - All the airlines/agents need to furnish the Export General Manifests to the Customs electronically within 7 days from the date of flying.

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