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How to obtain a warehouse space for rent

How to obtain a warehouse space for rent
12 Oct, 2022
Posted by jeenalogistics
Warehouse space Rent

When expanding your business, it is essential that your firm rents a warehouse space best suited for its needs. Renting a space not only helps in saving significant capital costs but also saves other management and maintenance costs.

Why does your company need a warehouse?

Central Location for your surplus- A warehouse acts as a central storage location for all your surplus. It can help receive, store, distribute and ship your products from a single location.

 Additional space for storage- In times of busy months or when scaling your production, you may fall short on storage space in your production facilities. In such times, renting a warehouse acts as a great option.

Helps in mitigating risks- For perishable or non-perishables, warehousing helps provide safe storage facilities. It can minimize losses by fire, theft and damage. Cold storage warehouses offer safe custody of perishable goods and also avoid spoilage.

Make the most of seasonality- If your demand is impacted by the changes in weather, events, occasions or holidays- this means that your product is seasonal and inventory management is of utmost importance. With modern warehousing facilities, you have the ability to manufacture and stock your products, avoid stockouts and make the most of seasonality!

What should you consider when renting a warehouse?

Though renting a warehouse space holds lesser financial risk compared to purchasing one, it is important to make thorough considerations of what your business truly needs. Look for a warehouse that not only offers you excellent warehousing facilities, but other cost-effective services to benefit the functioning of your business. The warehouse must offer storage conditions most suitable for your product along with the availability of skilled workers in case your product calls for expertise in storage and handling.

Warehouse services offered by Jeena

Jeena provides you with professional warehousing services. Our secure storage spaces are packed with facilities which makes it the right choice for your goods.

Our Non-Bonded, Bonded and FTWZ warehousing facilities are spread all across the country. They are equipped with HDR racking, shelving, temperature control, floor storage with fire hydrants and sprinklers to ensure safety and security of your goods.

Our warehouse spaces also offer-

  • Modern storage-inventory management systems, Pick and Pack and all other value add services
  • Our skilled team, who manage all things from Box in Box Out, Pallet in Pallet Out and Box in Piece Out Operations at our facilities
  • Transportation services (FTL / PTL / Courier) to facilitate smooth business.

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