Air Freight with Jeena

End-to-End Multimodal/Intermodal Logistics Solutions

Your search for premier multimodal logistics ends here. We are a one-stop-shop offering integrated logistics solutions for all your multimodal logistics needs.

What Jeena Multimodal Offers?

Door To Door

Container Coastal

ISO Tanktainer

Door To Port

Container Rail

Full rake & piece meal container movement: DSO/EXIM/CABOTAGE

Port To Door

Container Road Railer


Why Choose Jeena Multimodal?

  • Connecting 4820+ locations across India serviceable as POO/FPOD

  • Understanding of market dynamics focused on customers' long-term growth

  • Dedicated account managers for personalised attention

  • Ability to collaborate and develop tailored solution with our vast vendor network

  • Central logistics control tower

  • Technology-driven approach

Rail + Coastal + Road Operations

  1. Origin

  2. Multimodal/Intermodal Transport (Rail/Road)

    We transport containers from the point of origin to the nearest port through rail and road modes of transport.

  3. Loading Port

  4. Coastal Transport (Vessel)

    We ship containers from the loading port to the destination port which is closest to your final destination through coastal transport (vessel).

  5. Destination Port

  6. Multimodal/Intermodal Transport (Rail/Road)

    We transport containers from the destination port to the final destination through rail and road modes of transport.

  7. Destination

Multimodal/Intermodal Solutions

Door to Door
Door to Port/terminal
Port/terminal to Door
Port/terminal to Port/terminal
  • Commitment to maintain scheduled, reliable and regular rail and coastal service

  • Dedicated weekly service schedules to ensure quality of service delivery

  • Commitment to evacuate shipment from origin to destination with least dwell time

  • Commitment to provide inventory and first/last mile arrangement

  • Dedicated sales, operations and KAM team to our esteemed customers

Business Impact

Huge cost saving
Reduces road traffic and congestion
Lesser chances of damage and theft
Scope of 35% potential business growth
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