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With years of experience in the field of Freight Forwarding and Consultancy across the world, we understand the the standards and procedures involved in handling and transporting temperature sensitive products like Pharmaceuticals and have established ourselves in this rapidly growing industry since the past 5 years.

We are strategically located across the world with exclusive partners committed and dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry. We monitor changes in regulatory EMEA and FDA standards, and our superior account management and strong network can match the needs of large global companies.
Global Control Tower and e-Service transparency.

Our Global Control Tower approach provides complete operational tactical and strategic control throughout the Supply Chain and our e-Services allow full transperancy and proactive quality control as well as the real time tracking and tracing that is so valuable for cold chain shipping and the transportation of envirotainers. We offer a One-Stop shopping and Global Pricing to all businesses irrespective of their location.
Our ‘Health Care’ solutions:
Guaranteed, expedited & multi-modal transport
Cold Chain Solutions
Inventory Management
Inside Deliveries and Pickup
Reverse Logistics (RMA)
Order Fulfillment
Customs / Regulatory Compliance
Our ‘Cold Chain’ solutions:
Global and Regional competence
Use of monitoring devices for temperature control
Temperature controlled storage (Pre and Post)
Temperature controlled trucks
Information Management
Re-Icing in transit
Dedicated team rendering 24x7 Customer Service support
Our ‘Supply Chain Management’ solutions:
Inventory Management
Inside Deliveries and Pick-Up
Reverse Logistics (RMA)
Order Fulfillment
Our five commitments…  
Working with our CUSTOMERS in their sustainable development approach…
  by the implementation of innovative, performance-oriented economic and environmental solutions
Getting PEOPLE involved and increasing their safety…
  by means of awareness and training programs to encourage new ideas and heighten personal accountability.
Taking care of the ENVIRONMENT and controlling the risks…
  by the improvement of vehicle and facility environmental quality and the marketing of alternative modes of transport.
Involving our PARTNERS in meeting our commitments…
  through sustainable development supplier selection criteria and sub-contractor coaching, awareness and training programs.
Partnering with the COMMUNITY by being a responsible actor and a good citizen…
  playing a key role in local development initiatives designed to involve
A spectrum of customers managed:  
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