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Advantages of choosing an end to end logistics service provider

Advantages of choosing an end to end logistics service provider
27 Jun, 2022
Posted by jeenalogistics
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Logistics is a combination of several domains such as freight forwarding and customs clearance, storage, warehousing and inventory management, primary and secondary transportation, packaging and unitization, and information and control. Each of these components require specialized knowledge and expertise to be executed efficiently. Having said that, if different logistics companies are chosen to execute different components, you might end up increasing the chances of failures, delays, damages besides a resulting increase in costs.

The best solution to avoid any delays, damages or increased costs could be to opt for an end to end logistics service provider who has an all-round expertise to handle all the facets involved in logistics. Let’s find out what are the main advantages of having an end to end logistics service provider for all your logistics needs.

  1. Seamless management of cargo - When all the activities associated with the import/export process including freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation, and warehousing and inventory management are taken care of by a single logistics service provider, there is a proper synchronization among the processes and the coordination becomes hassle-free. It not only gives the end customers a seamless experience but also makes the process much simpler and faster.
  2. Less chances of damage - Logistics companies in India and across the world providing end to end services ensure that the goods are handled with care right from the point of origin to the point of delivery. On the contrary, if goods change too many hands, the liability of cargo doesn’t lie with a single contact and therefore are more prone to damages.
  3. Increased transparency of information - When there are multiple entities involved in meeting your supply chain requirements, the flow of information could turn out to be disastrous leading to improper visibility and delays in communication, and in worst case scenario, miscommunications too. In order to avoid all the communication related hassles, it’s better to go for an end to end logistics service provider where complete visibility into the processes lies in your hands.
  4. Single dashboard visibility - When all your logistics services are handled by a solo service provider, you get a single dashboard visibility into your transactions. This saves the inconvenience of reaching out to and following up with multiple logistics people for each of the services.
  5. Cost savings - When the logistics activities are handled by several service providers, the cost shoots up as people involved in executing different services are more in number. This cost could be saved to a great extent when you have only one logistics company managing your end to end requirements. Moreover, companies have attractive package discounts to offer when end to end logistics services are opted by customers.
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