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How to choose a good 3PL company?

How to choose a good 3PL company?
13 Jun, 2022
Posted by jeenalogistics
3PL Logistics

Choosing a good 3PL service provider is critical to every business because 3PL companies help businesses increase their efficiencies, reduce costs, and streamline operations. However, choosing the right company for your business could be a daunting task. Here are some quick tips that can help you with choosing the right 3PL partner.


Do the research right - Research forms the basis for selection. It is recommended that one should consider the following attributes while doing their research; companies with proven processes, right resources, and capability to integrate with your systems should primarily be considered for a successful business partnership.


Look for a multitude of service offerings - It is always preferable to choose a service provider who has the capabilities to offer a complete palette of services. Opting for multiple service offerings from a single 3PL service provider makes your supply chain seamless and scalable. Moreover, when a service provider has a range of capabilities to offer, you can get customized solutions meeting your needs and can also enjoy perks of value-added services.


Look for a credible service provider - Having a 3PL service partner requires consistent communication and data sharing. Therefore, it is important to find a partner who is trustworthy. Your partner should be able to understand your supply chain needs and priorities precisely and accordingly provide you with a compatible solution.


Ensure the company has robust technology - It is better to opt for a 3PL service provider who is equipped with robust and scalable technology. Such 3PL companies can offer techno-centric solutions and have the ability to scale their technology and systems to meet the ever-evolving requirements of your business.


Look for all-round scalability and customization capabilities - A key highlight of outsourcing 3PL is being able to leverage a shared-space environment where the service provider can scale operations to accommodate your business needs and provide tailored solutions addressing even the smallest and most specific requirements of your business. An experienced 3PL service provider has the ability to help you with postponement strategies and order management that optimize inventory, and reduce production and inventory carrying costs.


An omnichannel expertise is preferable - Going for a service provider who understands the nuances of omnichannel commerce makes sense because they can then deliver optimal customer experience, just what you would seek from your 3PL partner.


Choose a partner who services multiple locations - An ideal 3PL partner helps you take a strategic approach to configuration of network and determine the right locations for distribution centers in order for you to attain optimal efficiency for your current as well as future business. By leveraging their own network of strategically located facilities, there is always room for them to assist you with new locations.


Seek stability - It is important to find a 3PL company who has proven records of success and is financially stable to continue to invest in facilities, equipment, systems, and manpower for being able to deliver optimal logistics solutions.


With all the tips mentioned above, we hope your selection process becomes a little easier, if not a cakewalk. 

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