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What is the role of logistics in pharma solutions?

What is the role of logistics in pharma solutions?
28 Mar, 2023
Posted by jeenalogistics
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Logistics plays a crucial role in every industry including the pharmaceutical industry. Without logistics, pharma supply chain would be deficient. Right from sourcing raw materials for the manufacturing of drugs to handling, transport, and supply chain management of varied pharma products, logistics is inevitably involved. Companies offering pharma logistics solutions are specially considered for end-to-end services associated to the logistics treatment of pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical products include anything from medications in all of their forms, healthcare items, and devices for use in medicine and surgery, to cosmetic and cologne products, raw materials, biotechnological components, and biopharmaceuticals. Therefore, it is important to meet the logistical requirements for a variety of products, some of which need to be kept at a specified temperature throughout the course of manufacture or processing and up until the point of consumption.

The demand for logistical support for pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals is being driven by the robust and expanding pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets. (Biopharmaceuticals are treatments and therapies made from living substances, particularly cells and bacteria, in industrial procedures.)

The following are crucial factors for pharmaceutical supply chain management:

  • Safeguarding against infection, etc.
  • Taking care of perishable goods
  • Keeping the temperature under control
  • Extreme durations of the cycle
  • Keeping an inventory
  • Specialised packaging
  • Data loggers for temperature control
  • Adhering to delivery timelines and deadlines

The pharmaceutical business places a high value on logistics because the activities are so time-sensitive. Pharma products also require temperature-controlled storage and delivery.

A company experienced in offering pharma logistics solutions would ensure the following:

  • Minimize loss and damage resulting from temperature fluctuations and excursions
  • Follow all laws, rules, and regulations, both domestically and internationally
  • Use standards that have been developed by the industry and are clearly defined and standardised globally resulting in the simplification of your audits
  • Use highly trained staff and expertise in secure handling of your pharmaceutical items
  • Get more and fresh pharmaceutical business for you

Therefore, pharma logistics is one of the most crucial phases of the operations for every pharmaceutical company. It's crucial for giving the right medication to the right patient at the right time, place, dosage, and most importantlyat the right cost. Consequently, it is anticipated that logistics and SCM will have a big impact on the global pharmaceutical business and could help to increase productivity and spur industry growth.

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