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Why do project logistics services require special expertise?

Why do project logistics services require special expertise?
07 Jun, 2022
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Project cargo is considered to be a special kind of cargo that has dimensional peculiarities and doesn’t fit into a usual container or cube container if shipped by ocean and air respectively. Its logistics can therefore be handled by experts with considerable expertise in this domain. Such types of cargo are high-value or high-volume in nature. They are sometimes so complex that they require change of infrastructure, time frames, handling equipment, and multimodal connectivity. Furthermore, project cargo could either be single or multiple cargo.


Besides being domain experts, logistics service providers need to have a good connection with the vendors, shippers, suppliers, and every other entity involved in the supply chain in order to handle project logistics seamlessly. Let’s take a closer look into the elements that go into successful project logistics services.


  • Accurate advance planning - The project logistics service provider needs to have accurate planning in advance as it is the most crucial step in the journey of project cargo. When right planning is in place, the chances of sudden hiccups or challenges get nullified. Right from discussion with the supplier about the consignment to defining manpower capacity, and the right equipment for loading/unloading, every step requires due diligence and critical planning for smooth and efficient operations. Moreover, proper planning can streamline the process, reduce cost significantly, and eliminate any potential risks involved in the transportation process.
  • Strategic approach - Once planning is done, next comes an approach that is ready to take challenges involved, if any, head on. There is always a fear of something going wrong in project handling due to the complexities involved. Managing risk is an important factor that the logistics service providers aim at while arranging equipment for project cargo. This is exactly where a strategic approach comes into the picture. Not only does it aid risk management but also helps with keeping an alternate plan ready if things don’t go as planned. The main objective of a strategic approach is to get a job done irrespective of challenges.
  • Execution - The last and the most decisive step is execution. This step decides if the other two steps have been carried out in an effective manner. All the documentation, customs, and compliance work should be delegated to the right people so that execution is carried out in a more organized way. Automation plays a pivotal role in this stage. With automation, it is possible to organize tracking for complete transparency and visibility and have a perfect execution of the project cargo.


Special expertise and experience of this domain acts as an added advantage for the logistics service providers to manage the handling of project cargo efficiently as they religiously follow the above mentioned steps.

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