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Headquartered in Mumbai, Jeena Criticare Logistics is a sector-specific domestic healthcare extension of Jeena & Company,
a logistics and supply chain service provider with over 120 years of experience.

We are a leading mainstream logistics service provider for project-based supply chain management of critical biological samples. We are experienced in handling critical human blood and cord blood sample shipments, stem cells, organs for various reputed clients who operate as market leaders in diagnostics and pharma sectors. We also cater to CROs, diagnostics equipment companies, reagents & consumables companies, vaccine manufacturers, WHO & Govt. institutions like ICMR, NIV, NIIH, NIRRH, NIRT, etc.

Backed by our team of industry experts, we design tailor-made services with a dedicated OTC network.
Packaging options for shipments with various temperature specifications are also available accompanied by a data logger facility.

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All temperature-sensitive diagnostics (blood, plasma, cord blood, tissues, and cells) and pharma (medicines, life-saving drugs, chemicals, compounds, and reagents) shipments are handled and monitored by our highly trained staff using proper insulation.
We are into time-sensitive domestic deliveries for diagnostic/pharma shipments through air as well as surface. The connections are done on NFO flights & delivered as soon as the shipments are retrieved from the airport cargo.
We ship door to door where the packages are picked up from different locations and then packaged in accordance with the customer and product requirements. To facilitate real-time tracking of shipments for customers, we use our own booking and tracking software along with android based application. Also, the Customer service team dedicates itself to follow up on all the shipment related queries.
Reverse Logistics
Besides quick and cost-effective pickup and delivery of your shipments, our services help to place your company ahead in the competitive market with doorstep reverse logistics solutions.
warehousing & Packaging
Besides specialized services, we also offer temperature-controlled warehousing and packaging services that involve strict procedures at par with international standards deployed for inbound storage and outbound movement of shipments.


Our major USP is the maintenance of TAT. We deliver within the shortest period of time at a competitive cost. Customers in this industry are often concerned about the timely delivery of their shipments. We understand this pain point and work towards providing the best pharma logistics solutions in India.

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Responsibility is the key to handling critical shipments. We work closely with our clients to design, build, and sustain profitable and secure solutions for them. You can be assured of not just a great logistics service but also a reliable business partnership that ensures complete compliance and adheres to the highest standards of business ethics.

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Get a solution made just for you

Our subject expertise is leveraged to design customized supply chain solutions for you. Depending on your product and temperature requirements, we ensure that you attain solutions that best suit your needs.


expand your business

A right logistics partner is crucial for a seamless business growth. We at Jeena Criticare, take care of your end-to-end critical logistics services so that the credibility with your customers remains intact. During this pandemic, we have been one of the key vaccine logistics service providers in India where we partnered with vaccine manufacturers and government institutions to facilitate a hassle-free vaccine distribution in India.

  • Android based software for booking and tracking
  • Mobile based online/offline Windows application
  • Customization as per requirement
  • Dynamic query builder
  • Accounts integrated
  • Notifications & Email management
  • Report output in XLS/PDF format
  • User-friendly and developed using the latest technology
  • Regular updates at no extra cost
  • Comprehensive user management for data security
All India TAT
  • Metro Cities - 8-14 hrs
  • Non Metro Cities - 24-36 hrs
  • Drive away locations - 38-48 hrs
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